Dan Schmitt Announces 2019 Reelection Bid for Brookland District Supervisor

Glen Allen, VA - Henrico County’s Brookland District Supervisor, Dan Schmitt, announced today his intention to seek reelection for supervisor. In addition to his service as supervisor, Dan is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and youth sports advocate.

It is my honor to serve the Brookland District as Supervisor.  I am very proud of the accomplishments we have already made and the initiatives we have put forth to reduce overcrowding in our schools, improve recreational areas and key amenities, support our public safety officials, and ensure that Brookland has a responsive voice fighting for them. While we have a tremendous start, the vital work of advocating for Brookland is never done. I am eager to continue this work as we build a balanced and better Brookland together,” Dan stated.

Dan's recent tour of every Brookland District school has served as a baseline of his advocacy for first-class education, renovations for neglected areas, and emphasizing our educators’ environment as a whole. This sharp focus on our children's future, an unwavering commitment to the safety of our citizens, and a business minded diligence toward maintaining high quality services--while keeping our tax rate low--continue to shape Dan's commitment to those he represents.

Aaron Evans