Schmitt Condemns KKK Flyers and Their Promotion of Bigotry


Glen Allen, VA - Brookland District Supervisor Dan Schmitt offered the following statement condemning the KKK and their racist propaganda that was recently distributed throughout the region:

This week, several Henrico citizens woke up to discover messages of evil and hate distributed by cowardly people under the shadow of night. I stand firmly alongside Henrico’s County Manager John Vithoulkas, Henrico NAACP President Raiford Beasley, our Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Tyrone Nelson and others to clearly and decisively denounce the bigotry contained in these messages and let those who are attempting to sow seeds of hate and intimidation in Henrico know that we stand united against the vile rhetoric that they espouse.

In Henrico, we are better than this. We will stand together - not only as representatives of different ethnicities, genders, communities, and groups - but as brothers and sisters of Henrico. We stand to denounce hate, watch one another’s back, and carry out our lives as neighbors in love and unity - the Henrico Way.

If you have any information on the group that distributed KKK flyers in Henrico and/or neighboring jurisdictions, please call Henrico PD at (804) 501-5331 as we have instructed them to spare no resource in ensuring that hate speech and intimidation has no home in Henrico County.


Aaron Evans